Head Office :                                   Commercial Ofiice:    
NO.53,sixth negarestan allay,              No,19,third Floor.banan 
Pasdaran st.                                         complex
Tehran                                                  chahar bagh-e-balast st.
Iran                                                       Esfahan.
Phone: +98(21) 22825229                    
            +98(21) 22825230

Office: info@k-hco.com

Skype ID:  Sm.r.mousavi(CEO)
Skype ID:   m.yazdi(Commercial expert)
Skype ID:    S.bahramnia(Commercial expert)



Responsibilities Name Cell Email
General Manager Mr. Mohammad reza mousavi +98 9123199212   ceo@k-hco.com
Commercial Expert Sadaf Bahramnia   export@k-hco.com
Commercial Expert Mahdi Yazdi   export@k-hco.com



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